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Consumers holding eTranzact cards may now subscribe and/or renew their subscription to My TV via SMS or the Web, without having to purchase Recharge Cards. 

For Web payment, click here
As part of its ongoing expansion and in an effort to provide ever more convenient payment options, My TV has partnered with eTranzact to facilitate electronic payments for subscriptions. My TV subscribers holding eTranzact Debit Cards may henceforth effect payments towards subscriptions electronically.

For payment via SMS, using your registered mobile, please use the following syntax:

Bill MyTV 1900 017020100234 1234


1900 is the amount in Naira you wish to pay (acceptable amounts are 1900, 5400, 10550 or 20550 for 1, 3, 6 or 12-month subscription, respectively)

017021234567 is your 12-digit Smart Card number

1234 is your eTranzact PIN number