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My TV Hausa

Due to market realities with abundant Free-To-Air Hausa content, My TV Hausa will cease broadcasts on  September 29. For more info, please contact (0806 or 0808) 69 88 644 or visit

After the September 29 suspension of My TV Hausa , UTTARAN will continue showing on My TV Series, weekdays @ 21:00 hours (Nigeria time), starting October 5. Happy Viewing!


Rescan your My TV-compliant receiver to gain access to STRONG’s latest additions to its Free-To-View subscription-FREE Service. Happy Viewing!

New Reduced Prices

New, reduced My TV subscription prices as of June 14, 2017:


-             NGN 1,450 for 3 months

-             NGN 2,800 for 6 months

-             NGN 5,400 for 12 months


1-month subscriptions have been suspended.


Refunds for unused recharge cards and ePINs are easy to claim, by clicking on

Nolly Africa

My TV is thrilled to add Nolly Africa for our valued Viewers' pleasure
Nolly Africa is a dedicated, 24-hour African movies and series channel, showing only the best movies and series from the second largest motion picture industry in the world - Nigeria's Nollywood – as well as the best from the rest of Africa

Content Mix:
1% Action and Thriller  
10% Comedy  
75% Drama  
5% Non-English, with English subtitles  
6% Romance  
3% Others: Short Films, Behind The Scenes, Documentaries, etc… 

- At least 32 premieres each month – "premiere"being a movie never shown on the channel to date
- At least 2 fresh series/drama episodes per week
- Approx. 1,400 hours of fresh content per year
- No movie repeat rate greater than 8 times over a 12-month period
- A movie may be repeated once over a 48-hour period, with a minimum 8-hour interval

Happy Viewing!

HomeBase TV

My TV is pleased to offer HOMEBASE TV to valued Viewers  

HOMEBASE TV seeks to thrill viewers with handpicked locally produced movies and other showbiz entertainment packages. Programming on HBTV cater for an entire household entertainment desires with a mix of movies, series, comedies, chat shows, documentaries, talk shows and live studio programs in English and Ghanaian Local Languages. 

Happy Viewing!

The multiple award-winning Nigerian news channel, CHANNELS TV, is now carried in High Definition, Free-To-Air (without encryption or subscription) and with Dolby Audio, within the My TV service broadcasting via 16A / 12,521MHz / H / 30,000Ms/s Happy Viewing!
My TV Toonz

Due to harsh market realities, My TV TOONZ and Ma TELE TOONZ will cease broadcast on  Monday, February 6. For more info, please contact (0806 or 0808) 69 88 644 or visit

My TV Toonz

My TV TOONZ is now a pay TV channel, within the My TV Smart service. To subscribe, contact your nearest Dealer or visit

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