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My TV Series and My TV More
My TV Series and My TV More will make way for new content, as of May 1, 2021. The replacement channels will join the service shortly after. Viewers can continue enjoying Nollywood movies and series on My TV Africa and My TV Yoruba. For more details, please visit www.stronghd.tv or call (0806 or 0808) 69 88 644
Updated software version for SRT 497S
Dear SRT 497S User, An updated software version for your receiver is now on-air (OTA) - call the unit’s MENU - go to DVB-S2X Installation - enter your PIN code - select OTA Upgrade - use 1479 as Download PID - press “Start” - wait until the process is complete and your unit reboots You now have the latest operating system for your receiver Happy Viewing!
Da Vinci Kids
Young My TV Viewers will enjoy the Da Vinci Learning channel, added to the service on November 2. More additions will follow soon. Happy Viewing! Da Vinci Kids is an educational TV channel for kids aged 6–12 and families, broadcasting in 20 languages to more than 60 million homes worldwide. Featuring a vast range of inspiring and award-winning programs covering STEM and soft skills-based learning, Da Vinci Kids creates a safe, positive, and fun environment for younger viewers, free of any violence or unsuitable content.
Due to interference from newly deployed 5G networks, around My TV’s teleport services provider’s facilities, in Germany, rebroadcast of AIT had to be suspended while a solution to the issue is being put into place All parties are working at addressing the issue, soonest Thank you for your understanding and patience
New prices Starting September 1st
Dire economic conditions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic with its trail of constraints, among which rapidly escalating operational costs, make it necessary for My TV to review the amount of the Annual Content Delivery Contribution (ACDC) that it collects from Viewers. Such reappraisal is crucial to My TV’s viability in these harsh circumstances. ACDC will therefore, as of September 1, 2020, retail at ₦ 3,500 instead of the current ₦ 2,500. We firmly trust you understand the need for this reappraisal, and count on your valued support to enable My TV to keep on serving its Viewers against all the odds. Happy Viewing! My TV
Free To Air

Al Jazeera and France 24 are now available FTA


My TV Frequency on BIS 1

For My TV viewers now receiving BIS 1 (51.5°E), please scan in:
Frequency: 11,090MHz
Polarity: H (Horizontal)
Symbol Rate: 34,000Ms/s
to start sampling the video quality of the first High Definition (HD) channels of our upcoming HD service, a first for Nigeria, to be populated over the coming three months


Service temporarily Suspention

At the moment, My TV Service is temporarily suspended. The service should be back up early this week, on a different satellite though, necessitating a dish re-pointing for which we sincerely apologize. The upside is a HD (High Definition) channels service, soon joining the new satellite position. 


Please accept our apologies for the resulting inconvenience


We thank you for your understanding and patience


Happy Viewing!




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