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Al Jazeera and France 24 are now available FTA


My TV Frequency on BIS 1

For My TV viewers now receiving BIS 1 (51.5°E), please scan in:
Frequency: 11,090MHz
Polarity: H (Horizontal)
Symbol Rate: 34,000Ms/s
to start sampling the video quality of the first High Definition (HD) channels of our upcoming HD service, a first for Nigeria, to be populated over the coming three months


Service temporarily Suspention

At the moment, My TV Service is temporarily suspended. The service should be back up early this week, on a different satellite though, necessitating a dish re-pointing for which we sincerely apologize. The upside is a HD (High Definition) channels service, soon joining the new satellite position. 


Please accept our apologies for the resulting inconvenience


We thank you for your understanding and patience


Happy Viewing!




World Fashion Channel

The World Fashion Channel has now joined  the My TV Channel Line-up. Content is about fashion, lifestyle and celebrities. Rescan your receiver to gain access to it. Happy Viewing!

My TV subscription
You can now pay My TV subscription fees through using your Master, Verve or Visa Debit Card
Ivory coast repair center

Sadly, since December 2018 and to this day, the STRONG brand does not operate an approved after-sales repair center (workshop) in Ivory Coast


Tabu Channel

The Tabu music channel is within a trial period. We thank you for your patience while its content and signal quality are being brought up to speed and evaluated. Happy Viewing!


New Rules

In an effort to adapt to challenging market conditions, My TV is evolving into a subscription-FREE service, in replacement of the current mix of Pay TV and Free Access services

As a result, some channels will cease to broadcast as of April 1, 2019 while new local and international channels (some of them in HD) will gradually be added

Content delivery will be Free of Charge over the initial 12 months of a first-paired receiver’s life

Receivers first-paired prior to March 1, 2019 get at least 12 months of Free Access/Delivery, counting from first pairing date

To find date of a first pairing, please visit:

Beyond the Free Access/Delivery period, the Annual Content Delivery Charge (ACDC) is N2,500

Subscribers with unused paid credit will be duly compensated with My TV FREE Content Delivery Months, rounded to the nearest date

By way of example, N1,000 in unused paid credit get converted into 4.8 months, that will be rounded to 5 months

Happy Viewing!

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